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    Magento Website Development

    Magento is amongst top rated opensource that is available right now in market. It is considered to be most preferred ecommerce solution by developers out there as it gives them an opportunity to customize through wide options of plugins and features that are out of box. Magento enjoys around 25% of market dominance over others by which shows why people prefer Magento when it comes to E-commerce website development.

    Why choose Magento web development services?

    Built for Ecommerce and opensource

    They offer tailor made shopping website solutions which is why not only small firms prefer Magento but also the huge firms too, to add further it is also free and available easily. All the code and information is shared online and free for use to any person, all you need to do is contact a web development company and they will set it up for you.

    SEO Friendly and Mobile Responsive

    Magento offers built in SEO features that are helpful in gaining better search results, you do not need to separately hire a SEO team to do the basic SEO stuff also all the templates and designs that magento offers are mobile responsive which will adapt to any mobile or tablet screen. So it provides premade features which cost you extra when it comes to other opensource available.

    Highly Secure

    Most of the Ecommerce websites that use magento are huge companies, they rely on magento for their business and that’s the reason they need to provide a solution that is highly secure and safe so there is no kind of data infringement.

    The benefit list can keep on going like this when it comes to Magento, apart from choosing Magento you also need to select a magento web development company who can take care of all set up, module installation and customization as per your need. We AIM technoweb have expertise in Magento development, be it any level of customization, API integration, payment gateway integration, shipping methods or any other task we can do it with ease. Our experienced developers have been working on Magento since its existence so they have solutions to all, we think out of box and we assure you that you are under safe hands when it comes to Magento development.

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